Summary of Results 2018

The vehicle fleet that attended to the periodic inspections during 2018 consisted of 64% of automobiles, 13% of light load vehicles and 13% of motorcycles. The other inspections include heavy load vehicles, public transport and special equipment.

The 55% of these vehicles inspected approved the Vehicle Technical Inspection (VTI) in the first inspection. Of the vehicles that atended the inspection this year, 60% did so in the corresponding month, 25% did so one or two months later and 15% did with more than three months of delay.

The average age of the vehicle fleet that went to periodic inspections is around 16 years old: the trailers and the hazardous materials transport are the oldest with an average of between 26 and 23 years old. The youngest fleet is presented by tourism, buses with an average of 6 years old.

The predominant model year in the periodic inspection fleet is 2008, and specifically for automobiles is 2001. While the average of kilometers traveled per car was of 16350 km in general.

In general, most of those rejected in the periodic inspection were rejected for the following reasons:

  1. Excessive polluting emissions
  2. Worn tires
  3. Imbalance in braking forces

The chapter with the most rejection defects (serious and dangerous) was the one of polluting emissions.

The axis and suspensions chapter was the second one with the most rejection defects. As for the brakes, this was the third chapter in which more rejection defects were identified.

Regarding the inscription of inspections, 49% were of automobiles, 37% of motorcycles, 8% of light load vehicles, and 1% of heavy load vehicles.

The rest of the inspections corresponded to vehicles transporting dangerous products, special equipment, public transport, or trailers and semi-trailers, among others.

The 76% of all first-entry vehicles are new; and 24% are used.

Of the total number of vehicles registered in 2018, 92% approved the inspection in the first inspection.The average age of the total number of vehicles that entered the country was 2.4 years old. In the case of used vehicles that were registered, the average age was 9.1 years old.