Our commitment

One of the strongest pillar of Riteve SyC is its program of Enterprise Social Responsibility (ESR) which wants to support the battle in pro of the so immediate safety roads in Costa Rica.

The technical inspections are naturally to protect people and the environment. But that is not enough, its commitment expands to education, training, data generation and other tools that allows us to reach the integral objective of Road Safety Education and Environment Protection. The program of Social Responsibility includes different projects like the insertion of a safer road culture in the students’ minds in schools and social campaigns that tries to turn the attention of the responsibility of having a car through the technical support and the exchange of experiences with the authorities that are in charge of the control on the roads.

All these programs, projects and campaigns are carried out by Riteve volunteers. It means that the company’s collaborators give their talents and abilities for the common welfare by the group Fuerza Riteve.

All these resources and many others that are about to be developed, Riteve confirms its commitment to the citizens’ lives contributing with topics of road safety, environment and Costa Ricans’ life quality.

Jennifer Hidalgo

Jennifer Hidalgo

Deputy Communication Manager & RSE