Estación Riteve Limón

Riteve Station in Limón expands its schedule

Looking forward to providing even more comfortable alternatives for service users, Riteve initiated a pilot plan in the Lemon Station that will allow users to also do the Technical Inspection on Sundays.

In spite of having a wide installed capacity and the stations have wide opening hours, which mostly range from 6am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday, this plan tries to provide alternatives for those vehicle owners who prefer run errands on weekends.

At Riteve, we are always in a constant analysis of the service to offer the best options and in this case, we understand that there are currently many people who prefer to do this kind of arrangement on weekends, either because of their weekly routine or simply because of a matter of preference. Hence this opening initially arises in Limón, which will allow us to see the response of the users and if it is positive, we would be expanding the new schedule to other stations in the country“, explained Jennifer Hidalgo, Deputy Communication Manager of Riteve.

The schedule for Sundays will be from 8am to 4pm, but there will also be an extension for the schedule during the week from Monday to Saturdar from 6am to 10pm.

The new opening hours in Lemon will be from this Sunday 29 September; but from now on, appointments are available through the website or the call center 905788 0000.