Riteve, Public Police and Traffic Police Team Up to Take Food to 750 Families

Under the name of Solidarity Project, the Riteve company will donate 750 bags of groceries that; along with the Public Force and Traffic police, will be distributed to the families in need in the neighboring communities of the 17 Riteve Stations located throughout the country.

This project arises during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and it tries not only to support families who have been affected in their financial income, but also to motivate and encourage more companies and organizations across the country to join this solidarity campaign.

Riteve has a strong commitment to support its neighboring communities in different ways and this was not going to be the exception. We strongly believe that if each company and organization join forces and serve their neighbors, we can gradually cover all the communities in the country and make sure that no home has to suffer from food shortages,” said Jennifer Hidalgo, Assistant Manager of Communication and CSR.

During this May first, volunteers from the three parties involved worked for several hours to pack, label, and seal packages that will be distributed across the country in the coming days.

It is a pleasure for Riteve to be able to count on the support of these institutions that have joined our call to be able to take food to families who; for one reason or another, have been affected in this occasion. The support from the Public and Transit Police, who know very closely the needs of the communities in which we are, allows us to effectively reach the people who need it,” added Hidalgo.

The delivery process of these 750 bags of groceries will begin this weekend and it is expected to be effective in all the 17 areas of the country by the middle of the week.