Riteve Presented the Figures of 2017

The results of the Vehicular Technical Inspection (RTV in Spanish) of the 2017 period were presented this Thursday.

Periodic inspections

Throughout last year, Riteve executed 1,142,184 first periodic inspections in which 64% was automobiles, 13% was light load pick-ups, 12% was motorcycles and the rest was of other vehicles like taxis, buses, truck heads, trucks and tow trucks.

One of the most relevant aspects is that more than the half of the vehicles that did RTV passed it in the first inspection. This gives us an approval rate of 53,4% while 76,4% approved it in the re inspection.

Motorcycles, transportation of route and tourism got the highest approval rate which is 66%, while the truck heads got the lowest rate which is 26%.

“Looking at the approval rate and taking into consideration that the 58% of those who did the inspection in the corresponding month, makes us believe that the majority of the population has the culture and understands the importance of doing the technical inspections on time. However, there are people who avoid this procedure. More than 118 thousand vehicles did not have RTV this year”, explained Jennifer Hidalgo, Manager of Communication and Social Responsibility of Riteve.

The average age of the vehicles that attended a periodic inspection is of 16 years, being the transportation for tourism, route and motorcycles the youngest; 6 and 7 years respectively. Besides, tow trucks and semi tow trucks are the oldest with 26 years.

The three main causes of rejection in 2017 were:

  1. Excess of the polluting emissions
  2. Imbalance in the breaks
  3. Tire weathering

Among the vehicles that attended a periodic inspection, 41,949 presented serious identification defects. 242 cases were referred to the authorities for the right investigation, which 203 were referred to the OIJ.

75% of the means of transportation waited on at Riteve have gasoline engines, 23% have diesel and only 0.03% of the vehicles are electric and 0.05% hybrids.

Inspections of registration

In 2017, 144,479 vehicles got into the country in which 45% of them were automobiles and 42% were motorcycles.

76% were new vehicles and 24% were used vehicles.

94% of the motorcycles that got in were new while 92% of the tow trucks and semi tow trucks that got in are used.

The average age of the used vehicles that got in is of 9.7 years; being the motorcycles the youngest and the tow trucks and semi tow trucks the oldest.

From all these means of transportation that were registered, 85% of them were gasoline vehicles, 13% of diesel and 1% of other energy sources; statistically.

We do not only check vehicles

During 2017, we went beyond preserving life through our service. We also complied with a wide program of social responsibility in which we focused on road safety education for children along with their parents, exchange of experiences from authorities and the road prevention; especially among motorcycle drivers which are more exposed in accidents nowadays.