Riteve leads project with several institutions

Road signs reached Chira Island.

The Riteve company is leading an initiative in which, with the participation of the Public Force, Transit Engineering, the Municipality of Puntarenas and the Chira Island Development Association, they set out to place the vertical traffic signals in the main Areas. As the residents of this island remember, there haven´t been road signs on its streets for at least 25 or 30 years and this has meant a great risk of accidents.

“The most important thing about this project is that it brings together the participation of everyone, each entity contributed the resource it has, demonstrating once again the positive accomplishment of public-private partnerships. For Riteve, it is really a pride to start from this project and we hope it brings a lot of safety for all the inhabitants of the island,” said Jennifer Hidalgo, Deputy Manager of Communication and Social Responsibility at Riteve.

Through the Social Responsibility program of Riteve called Remangados, this company gave financial support for the project and its collaborators offered their work voluntarily, along with the people of the Public Force of the island; who alerted about the situation, officials of Transit Engineering and the Municipality of Puntarenas who gave the technical advice and the Development Board of the Island, through which the neighbors also put to work in the installation of the signals.

“The support we have been receiving from the institutions and mainly from Riteve, as well as from the Municipality and the Development Association, to improve conditions in the island is of great importance to the Public Force. In these months, we have been having traffic accidents and with these signals we hope to be able to prevent them, starting in the school zones; in a second stage, we will continue not only puting but also training and raising awareness of citizens,” said Daniel Fernández, in charge of the Chira Island delegation.

Likewise, the president of the Chira Island Development Association, Esteban Montes, commented that: “It is a very important project for the whole community, I am dignified to recognize and thank all those involved because, by having road signs, we will have less accidents.”

This first stage includes vertical road signs of the areas surrounding the three schools of the island. For the next phase, it is planned to work in the neighborhoods around the school, bridges and other high-risk areas.

“This public-private support is extremely relevant because; unfortunately, we as a local government sometimes do not have the resource to carry out all the projects that the canton requires, we do not always have the support of the private company as it is being done by Riteve, so we greatly appreciate this contribution and we are ready to continue joining efforts,” added Carolina Vindas of the Puntarenas Road Municipality Road Management Technical Unit.

The Chira Island has an area of 46 km2 in which about 3 thousand people live there. It is estimated that around 500 motorcycles, 50 cars, 10 buses and 10 special buses circulate in the island. There are three primary schools with a total of 250 children, a school of 210 students and a Cen Cinai with about 50 children.

As a celebration of this initiative and as a thank you to the parties involved the children of the school of the Chira Island held a civic event with cultural presentations.