196 thousand vehicles still do not have RTV

The official call for the Vehicle Technical Inspection (VTI) concluded  in  October,  it means that by now all private vehicles should have approved this year’s inspection.  However, 196  885 motor vehicles do not have such approval.

According to the license plate number of the vehicles that end in 0 are the ones that have the most lag since 43 377  of them do not have this current requirement.

This data raises great concern since all these vehicles could be driving on our roads without their owners knowing their car condition in depth, or after a serious defect had been detected in them, which prevented them from approving the inspection.

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Motorcycles, Trucks and Semi trucks: They are the Kinds of Vehicles with a High Percentage of Lag in RTV

As it was announced, a total of 196.885 vehicles that should have approved the Vehicular Technical Inspection (VTI) in the official period from January to October 2019 did not.

Even though automobiles are missing the most (92.317); since they represent the 64% of the inspection park, and if we compare the pending with the approximate quantity of the size of every fleet, motorcycle drivers and the owners of trucks and semi-trucks are the ones who reach the highest percentage of lag in RTV.

According to these data, the 48% of motorcycles that should have done the VTI this year have not done it, and the same happens with the 28% of trucks and semi-trucks.

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More than 123,000 vehicles ended 2019 without the RTV

2019 ended with an extremely high number of vehicles without its current Vehicular Technical Inspection (VTI). From all of those who had to carry out this inspection in that year, 123,174 did not do so according to the cut as of December 31st.

Although the figure is very similar to last year, it is still worrying that such a high portion of the vehicular park will continue to breach this regulation and it means a latent risk on national roads.

It’s a trend we can’t normalize. It is very common that those with RTV also have other irregularities with the marchamo or driver’s license. It’s a part of the population that irresponsibly ignores these and other rules and they put us at risk every day“, said Jennifer Hidalgo, Deputy Communications Manager at Riteve.

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Campaña recogida llantas Riteve

New Tire Collecting Point Opens at Riteve in San Carlos

The Riteve station located in La Marina of San Carlos is from today a new permanent collectng point for disused tires, which continues to expand efforts to properly manage this material that is harmful to the environment and its misuse generates mosquito net hatcheries that transmit diseases that affect health.

The initiative is part of Riteve’s ongoing tire collection campaign in partnership with Fundellantas, Ecoins and it is endorsed by the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía (MINAE) and the Ministerio de Salud.

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Estación Riteve Limón

Riteve Station in Limón expands its schedule

Looking forward to providing even more comfortable alternatives for service users, Riteve initiated a pilot plan in the Lemon Station that will allow users to also do the Technical Inspection on Sundays.

In spite of having a wide installed capacity and the stations have wide opening hours, which mostly range from 6am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday, this plan tries to provide alternatives for those vehicle owners who prefer run errands on weekends.

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Report of RTV of the I semester 2019

The Riteve Company published this week the report on Vehicle Technical Inspection (RTV) corresponding to the 1 semester of the year

The vehicles convened for this period were individuals with license plates ending in 1 through 6, in addition to all public transport and all transport of hazardous substances.

The report indicates that 57% of those who performed RTV in the first six months of the year approved it from the first inspection, being motorcycles with the highest rate of approvals (71%), while the semi trucks have the lowest rate of approvals in that first attempt ( 27%).

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Jennifer Hidalgo

Jennifer Hidalgo

Deputy Communication Manager & RSE
Gabriela Monge

Gabriela Monge

Communication Assistant

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