Partnership Riteve – Fundellantas

Through a partnership between Riteve and Fundellantas better conditions of health, environment and safety are offered to the citizens.

This duty initiates with outreach campaigns to make people think about the importance of using tires in good conditions for the passengers´ safety and for those who transit the roads.

The job continues through talks and workshops that teach about the impact of the vehicular fleet to the environment; emphasizing on the ecological and economic benefits of the preventive maintenance and efficient driving which allow a longer life of the tires as much as possible, but also making people conscious about the urgency of a prompt change when they come to an end.

Finally, with the permanent tire collection campaign and other specific campaigns that offer the citizens free collection points for their sustainable management, we have accomplished to remove breeding grounds for mosquitos that carry diseases; also, we have contributed to the decarbonization of the economy avoiding tons of CO2 to be released to the environment.

For more information about the talks and collection campaigns, contact us at: