Parents Must Confirm the Good Condition of the School Buses

Riteve Reminds the Importance of “Traveling Safe to School”

With the beginning of the school year, Riteve reminds the importance of taking care of the students who travel on school buses. This is why Riteve invites parents to confirm the good condition of the school transport they hire for their children by using a guide which helps to do a visual inspection on the school bus.

There are many children who use this means of transportation. Even though the owners and drivers have the responsibility to ensure students’ safety, the truth is that parents must do more than just hiring them. With the guide we have created, anyone can visually confirm a great part of the elements that provide such security” explained Jennifer Hidalgo, Chief of Communications and Social Responsibility of Riteve.

The idea is that parents organize themselves and; at least once a month, carry out a visual inspection of the bus together with the driver to ensure that the vehicle remains in good conditions throughout the year.

This guide is also a good tool for the drivers themselves so that they can keep track of preventive maintenance. Riteve has distributed the guides to the media and they are also available at their social networks and website