Motorcycles, Trucks and Semi trucks: They are the Kinds of Vehicles with a High Percentage of Lag in RTV

As it was announced, a total of 196.885 vehicles that should have approved the Vehicular Technical Inspection (VTI) in the official period from January to October 2019 did not.

Even though automobiles are missing the most (92.317); since they represent the 64% of the inspection park, and if we compare the pending with the approximate quantity of the size of every fleet, motorcycle drivers and the owners of trucks and semi-trucks are the ones who reach the highest percentage of lag in RTV.

According to these data, the 48% of motorcycles that should have done the VTI this year have not done it, and the same happens with the 28% of trucks and semi-trucks.

They are two very delicate populations, one because of the high risk of accidents that the motorcycle drivers have and the other because any accident on the road could have major consequences due to the physical characteristics of the trucks and semi-trucks. From that, we appeal to the conscience so that people avoid putting themselves at risk and help prevent accidents that could affect innocent people,” commented Jennifer Hidalgo Deputy Communication and Social Responsibility Manager of Riteve.

Beside the risks regarding safety, having Riteve approved is one of the requirements to obtain the marchamo.

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