More than 123,000 vehicles ended 2019 without the RTV

2019 ended with an extremely high number of vehicles without its current Vehicular Technical Inspection (VTI). From all of those who had to carry out this inspection in that year, 123,174 did not do so according to the cut as of December 31st.

Although the figure is very similar to last year, it is still worrying that such a high portion of the vehicular park will continue to breach this regulation and it means a latent risk on national roads.

It’s a trend we can’t normalize. It is very common that those with RTV also have other irregularities with the marchamo or driver’s license. It’s a part of the population that irresponsibly ignores these and other rules and they put us at risk every day“, said Jennifer Hidalgo, Deputy Communications Manager at Riteve.

From the more than 123 thousand slopes, almost 100 thousand vehicles did not even come to the stations of Riteve to take the test. Another 23,000 did try, but until 31 December they had failed to pass.

The spokesperson of the technical inspection recalled that not having the VTI prevents from getting the marchamo and that it is also the cause of infractions by the Transit Police, but she emphasized that the main reason that it should mediate is safety.

We can’t say that we protect our family when we get it into a vehicle without the inspection, we can’t consider ourselves responsible people when we’re exposing everyone on the road like this“, she added.

The technical inspection is not cumulative, because if any vehicle that did not do inspection the previous year, you can approach to the station in the new year and perform the inspection without having to pay an additional amount.

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