launching of the tire collection campaign

With the approval of the Ministerio de Salud, the launching of the tire collection campaign in alliance with RTV was done today, Fundellantas and Ecolones.

Starting today and permanently, the RTV Stations located in Lagunilla of Heredia and Cañas will be the permanent tire collecting points.

The users may deliver their tires in the same schedule that the station has.

According to what Jennifer Hidalgo, Chief of Communication and Social Responsibility, explained, the intention is that more of the RTV stations work soon as collecting points in all the country.

Hidalgo added that besides; in this occasion and thanks to the incorporation of the Ecolones program, the users that deliver their tires will receive 100 Ecolones for each of them.

This whole initiative is part of the commitment of RTV with the environment. The objective is to be a bridge for the tires to have right ending and to guarantee better conditions regarding health and environment. Fundellantas is in charge of the final process of the tires.

To have more information about the topic, you may contact Gabriela Monge at 2209-2061.

For more information about the Ecolones program, you may get in Facebook: Ecolones.