como para los usuarios. “Estamos sumamente comprometidos con lo que las autoridades requieran en este momento de crisis y vamos a seguir haciendo un esfuerzo enorme para ejecutar todo lo que sea necesario y ser parte de esa unión de fuerzas que necesita el país para salir adelante.” puntualizó Hidalgo.

Reduced Schedule and Only by Appointment.

Since the covid19 crisis began, Riteve has activated a series of protocols to make the Vehicular Technical Inspection (VTI) process as safe as possible. These measures have been updated daily according to the authorities’ guidelines and the advance of the pandemic.

On Wednesday, new provisions were announced in coordination with the Ministerio de Obras Pública y Tránsportes (MOPT) and the Consejo de Seguridad Vial (COSEVI), which will be applied starting next Monday, March 30th. This is a reduction in service hours, which will now be from 8am to 5pm (Monday through Saturday) at all stations in the country. In addition, clients will only be assisted by appointment.

These measures are to decrease the possibility of agglomeration at the receptions which is the point during the inspection process where people are most likely to be in contact and which have been regulated since days ago. In addition, it will allow the company to better manage the staff so that a good part of our workers could stay at home for several days. To these collaborators, the most vulnerable are added, which; in previous days, were already being sent home.

As an entity that gives a service to the State; in Riteve, we have set out to coordinate with the MOPT and Cosevi everything that is necessary to deal with this crisis. In this aspect, it has been determined that RTV must continue to be a pillar of road safety, but then we do so under a very strict health scheme, which allows us to make the process as safe as possible, thinking at all times both in the well-being of our workers, as in the health of the users,” said Jennifer Hidalgo, Assistant Manager of Communication and Social Responsibility at Riteve.

Another measure that has been implemented starting this week is the closure on Sundays in Limón. This station operated all week due to a pilot plan, but now that project will stop temporarily, and the service will be offered with the new reduced schedule.

These new provisions are added to others that have been implemented for weeks, such as the modification of the procedure for the inspection of the interior of the vehicle, so that inspectors do not have to handle elements such as the steering wheel, seat belts and seats. It also regulates the entry of people to the reception and vehicles are being assisted with only one person on board, and different disinfection products are available for both the staff and the users.

We are extremely committed to what the authorities require at this time of crisis and we will continue making a huge effort to execute whatever is necessary and to be part of that union of forces that the country needs to succeed.” said Hidalgo.