Citizens choose the voluntary inspections

Riteve strengthens its service with additional benefits.

In the recent years, many citizens have approached the Riteve stations throughout the country, whether it is their official call or not, with the intention of having a Voluntary Inspection that allows them to know the current status of the vehicle.

Faced with the growing interest in this service, Riteve has developed several added values in order to meet even more the needs of vehicle owners and drivers.

“Thanks to the establishment of the Riteve Technical Inspections model, a greater awareness of the importance of preventive maintenance has been created. Hence, many people seek to come and do voluntary inspections for different reasons. From this, at Riteve we want to enhance even more this responsible attitude, generating more benefits at no additional cost,” explained Jennifer Hidalgo, Deputy Manager of Communication and Social Responsibility at Riteve.

Starting this month, those who ask for a Voluntary Inspection will receive a supplementary report with more information on test measurements, and photographs of defects and even aesthetic aspects, everything for the same price of the periodic inspection.

“This is a digital report that is sent to the email in more detail of the inspection, the measurement of each test regardless of whether it passes it or not, and photographs, both of defects that are contemplated in the Technical Inspection Manual, and of other aesthetics cases that the customer might be interested in knowing”, mentioned, Hidalgo.

Three types of Voluntary Inspections are offered:

  • Voluntary inspection for the purchase of a used vehicle
  • Post-Repair Voluntary Inspection
  • Voluntary pre-trip inspection

To carry out a voluntary inspection, you only need to make your appointment on a regular basis at or by calling at 905 788 0000. Once you arrive at the window you only indicate the type of inspection you want to have.