Riteve leads project with several institutions

Road signs reached Chira Island.

The Riteve company is leading an initiative in which, with the participation of the Public Force, Transit Engineering, the Municipality of Puntarenas and the Chira Island Development Association, they set out to place the vertical traffic signals in the main Areas. As the residents of this island remember, there haven´t been road signs on its streets for at least 25 or 30 years and this has meant a great risk of accidents.

“The most important thing about this project is that it brings together the participation of everyone, each entity contributed the resource it has, demonstrating once again the positive accomplishment of public-private partnerships. For Riteve, it is really a pride to start from this project and we hope it brings a lot of safety for all the inhabitants of the island,” said Jennifer Hidalgo, Deputy Manager of Communication and Social Responsibility at Riteve.

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196 thousand vehicles still do not have RTV

The official call for the Vehicle Technical Inspection (VTI) concluded  in  October,  it means that by now all private vehicles should have approved this year’s inspection.  However, 196  885 motor vehicles do not have such approval.

According to the license plate number of the vehicles that end in 0 are the ones that have the most lag since 43 377  of them do not have this current requirement.

This data raises great concern since all these vehicles could be driving on our roads without their owners knowing their car condition in depth, or after a serious defect had been detected in them, which prevented them from approving the inspection.

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Motorcycles, Trucks and Semi trucks: They are the Kinds of Vehicles with a High Percentage of Lag in RTV

As it was announced, a total of 196.885 vehicles that should have approved the Vehicular Technical Inspection (VTI) in the official period from January to October 2019 did not.

Even though automobiles are missing the most (92.317); since they represent the 64% of the inspection park, and if we compare the pending with the approximate quantity of the size of every fleet, motorcycle drivers and the owners of trucks and semi-trucks are the ones who reach the highest percentage of lag in RTV.

According to these data, the 48% of motorcycles that should have done the VTI this year have not done it, and the same happens with the 28% of trucks and semi-trucks.

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Report of RTV of the I semester 2019

The Riteve Company published this week the report on Vehicle Technical Inspection (RTV) corresponding to the 1 semester of the year

The vehicles convened for this period were individuals with license plates ending in 1 through 6, in addition to all public transport and all transport of hazardous substances.

The report indicates that 57% of those who performed RTV in the first six months of the year approved it from the first inspection, being motorcycles with the highest rate of approvals (71%), while the semi trucks have the lowest rate of approvals in that first attempt ( 27%).

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Citizens choose the voluntary inspections

Riteve strengthens its service with additional benefits.

In the recent years, many citizens have approached the Riteve stations throughout the country, whether it is their official call or not, with the intention of having a Voluntary Inspection that allows them to know the current status of the vehicle.

Faced with the growing interest in this service, Riteve has developed several added values in order to meet even more the needs of vehicle owners and drivers.

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More than 112 Thousand Cars Without RTV Just in this First Quarter

First Report of RTV 2019.

  • 57% passed their first inspection
  • The motorcycles have the highest rate of approvals

Due to the closing of the first quarter, Riteve presented the report about the Vehicular Technical Inspection in which the avoidance is highlighted again.  A total of 112.289 cars that needed to have their VTI done during this first quarter closed the quarter without their inspection approved.

The vehicles with the official call for these months were cars with license plates ending in 1 through 4 as well as the public transport and the transport of hazardous substances with license plates ending in 1 through 4 and from 6 through 9.

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Vehicle fire campaign “With fire you do not play”

The company Riteve, in conjunction with the Costa Rican Fire Department and with the support of the Traffic Police and the Consejo Nacional de Seguridad Vial (Cosevi), launched a campaign to raise awareness about the increase of vehicles that catch fire.

The Fire Department attends 2 to 3 cases of fire in vehicles every day. It is an incident that is on the rise due to the fact that the previous year there were 859 cases and for this year 2019 there are already 200.

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Mobile Units Ready for Inspections on the Road

Two mobile units, specially designed to carry out technical inspections on the road, are the new tools that the Dirección General de Trásnsito will have from now on to perform these controls.

The objective of this initiative is to improve road safety and the reduction of polluting emissions, but in addition to this, they can avoid the possible existence of unfair competition in road transport, thus contributing to safe and sustainable mobility. It will be carried out under the prioritization framework established by the National Transportation Plan as a public policy of the central government and as an action that aims to reduce environmental pollution and the number of deaths due to road traffic accidents.

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Technical Inspection Model of Costa Rica in the Sights of Other Countries

The Workshop of the International Committee of Vehicular Technical Inspection (CITA in Spanish) was taken place in Costa Rica this Thursday, an entity that boosts the implementation of the technical inspection around the world.

Under the motto: “Present and future of the Vehicular Technical Inspection in Central and South America”, dozen of authorities from countries of this region gathered to see first-hand the successful case of the Vehicular Technical Inspection (RTV) that is developed in Costa Rica for 15 years. In addition, countries; that already have this procedure, learned about technological developments in equipment for inspection from experts from regions such as Asia, Europe and North America, as well as studies that ratify more and more the benefits generated by the integral technical inspection.

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Almost 112mil cars without RTV just in this first quarter

55% of the cars passed in their first inspection.

Tourism section has the highest rate of approvals.

After the closing of the first quarter, RTV released the report about the Vehicular Technical Inspection in which people’s evasion stands out again. A total of 111.775 people; who were supposed to do their RTV during this first quarter, ended up without their inspection approved this may.

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