196 thousand vehicles still do not have RTV

The official call for the Vehicle Technical Inspection (VTI) concluded  in  October,  it means that by now all private vehicles should have approved this year’s inspection.  However, 196  885 motor vehicles do not have such approval.

According to the license plate number of the vehicles that end in 0 are the ones that have the most lag since 43 377  of them do not have this current requirement.

This data raises great concern since all these vehicles could be driving on our roads without their owners knowing their car condition in depth, or after a serious defect had been detected in them, which prevented them from approving the inspection.

Although the figure shows a slight decrease compared to last year (207 thousand pending) the amount remains extremely high.

This is something that should worry all of us, 196 thousand vehicles without the inspection means that they are traveling every day alongside many cars, motorcycles or trucks whose owners do not know if they have a mechanical problem prone to cause an accident or even worse, vehicles that have gone for an inspection and did not get approval because of one or more serious defects,” said Jennifer Hidalgo Chief of Communication and Social Responsibility at Riteve.

It is important to remember that in order to pay the right of circulation, you must have approved the RTV, otherwise not only you will not be able to carry out this procedure, but also you expose yourself to fines on the road and risks regarding road safety.

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